Over the last decade or so that whiskey stones have been around, new ideas have been introduced that offer high levels of style and usefulness.

Whiskey stones can be made from different materials such as soapstone, steel, granite and marble. We use granite and marble in our products. They are odourless, non-porous, and tasteless so you don’t need to worry about them affecting your whiskey or any other beverage you may use them with. You keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them and they’ll keep your whisky chilled but won’t water it down.

In addition to the obvious benefits of using whiskey stones in regard to the flavour and the texture of your beverage, they will give the feel and looks of your drink a punch. They provide an ‘eye candy’ touch that will start many conversations as others notice them. They are definitely an ‘ice breaker’ for any party with their unexpected visual appeal.

Whiskeys stones will chill your Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch or any other spirit without diluting and keep it nicely chilled.


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